Medicinal properties of mint, discover them all

The mint is particularly effective in the treatment of muscle and nerve pain, thanks to its relaxing effect. Furthermore, consumed in moderation, it has no side effects.

We all know that it is a special plant, but not everyone knows each of the medicinal properties of mint, we talk about it in this article.

The Mentha spicata, also known as horehound green, is a plant that is regularly used to prepare certain dishes, especially for adding flavor. Likewise, it is used to make cocktails and some medicinal drinks.

This aromatic plant is the ingredient of many therapeutic treatments, thanks to its numerous benefits and the countless properties it brings to our health.

Medicinal properties of mint


  • Among the most important medicinal properties of mint, we remember its antispasmodic and carminative properties, thus helping to fight digestive problems, especially in case of indigestion, flatulence and intestinal pain, or colic.
  • It is also very useful in respiratory treatments, as it contains some components that act as powerful expectorants.
  • This medicinal herb is highly effective in relieving menstrual pains.
  • Mint has very effective components to treat nervous disorders: these components act by relaxing and avoiding the possible consequences that may arise from these conditions.
  • It is very effective as an antiseptic and analgesic, therefore, it is recommended in the treatment of wounds. How to use it?
    Prepare a well-concentrated infusion of mint and wash the wound, you will immediately feel relief and help the wound to heal in a short time. It can also be used in the case of some burns. For the treatment of burns, it is advisable to add a little olive oil to the infusion; apply everything on the burn, thus reducing the burning and any infection.
  • This wonderful plant is very effective in eliminating bad breath, as its pleasant smell can accompany you throughout the day. Menthol, one of its main components, is excellent in this regard. Plus, it’s very refreshing.
  • With mint, you can make a delicious and relaxing tea to drink before going to sleep. This will promote relaxing and restorative sleep.
  • Furthermore, mint-based herbal tea is highly recommended to eliminate the gases accumulated in the digestive system, ideal for putting an end to flatulence.

How to prepare the mint-based tea


Preparing the mint infusion is quite simple: you just have to pay attention to the fact that the leaves to be used must be tender (those commonly known as sprouts).

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Next, boil half a liter of water (aside, put some tender mint sprouts or leaves in a jug). When the water boils, pour it into the pitcher containing the leaves and cover it for about twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes, pour the infusion and pour it into a cup (the first of three to drink in a day).


As you can see, there are so many benefits that can be obtained from a plant that most people believe is only for abdominal pain and for flavoring certain foods.

It is very important to be aware of the great properties of medicinal plants to improve our health.

Likewise, it is good to know that with plants there is no problem of any side effects, as long as they are consumed moderately and according to the recommendations indicated.

Mint infusions can be drunk by both children and the elderly, but not in large quantities.


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